John Ricciardi

John Ricciardi

John Ricciardi is a self-proclaimed ski bum who passes the time between trips as a managing partner with Afton Consulting Group, a global human resources consulting firm. Ricciardi is a global talent acquisition leader with 20 years experience developing, implementing, and leading the recruiting function. His experience as a practitioner includes both agency and corporate settings, where he managed large teams and created strategic solutions for organizations that include global process development, employment branding, ATS selection, and RPO implementation/management. 

The Only Speed Metric You Need

Over the past two years, I’ve spent a good amount of time talking to companies about their metrics, and while most companies don’t have good data, almost every company was able to quote me their time to fill number.  …

Tales From a SourceCon Newbie

I know. You’re not allowed to have a favorite child. As an employee of ERE, I suppose I can’t have a favorite conference either. My first SourceCon was September 2015, exactly 7 days after I started with ERE. It’s officially…