ERE San Diego, Day 1 Recap

Thought we’d share some daily updates, pictures, and videos from #ERERC in San Diego.

The first day at ERE is always about networking and getting to know the community. Monday started with a “Meet the Speakers and Writers” where attendees, sponsors, and other speakers had the fun opportunity to meet a bunch of the speakers and several of the regular writers.

We spotted a purple squirrel in the ferns!

Not only was the networking great but people were literally whiteboarding and solving challenges with the amazing talent in the room.

There was an incredible roaming magician!


Here are a few great reasons why attendees are here to learn:

How the night ended

After the meet-the-speakers-and-writers was the welcome reception (which had amazing food and beverages BTW), which was a continuation of the conversations started. Everyone had so much fun. The hotel space is beautiful and after-hours people gathered in the Marina restaurant to keep talking shop and enjoying time together.

What’s in store for Tuesday and Wednesday


Find and Attract the Best

Future Insights

Take the Helm (Leaders)

Hands-On Workshops

Expert-led Roundtable Discussions

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We have three different roundtable sessions where small groups will work peer to peer on challenges that are important to them. Besides the general audience we also have two separate roundtable sessions for in-house SMB attendees and agency and third-party recruiters.

  • Harassment, gender issues, and recruiting
  • Assessments, games, screens
  • Branding and marketing
  • RFPs and vendor selection
  • Job postings and EVPs
  • Managing hiring managers
  • Candidate experience
  • Improving your recruiting/talent acquisition career
  • Recruiting passive candidates
  • Tech recruiting
  • Employee referrals
  • Advanced job descriptions
  • Golden State issues
  • Structuring a TA department
  • TA leadership
  • Always Be Closing
  • AI and future technologies
  • Sourcing potpourri
  • New/hot/interesting vendors
  • Hourly and high volume recruiting

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